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What we do to help you look your best



A brand isn't just a name and a logo. It's an extension of your product and your company culture. It's reflective of the time, effort, and love you put into your product. Most importantly, it's a status symbol: something that you are proud to provide and your customers are just as proud to use. 

Studio 88 is a brand we're proud of, and our goal is to put as much time and energy into creating your brand as we did with our own. We are only as successful as you are, so you can be confident that we will handle your image with the care it deserves. 


A high-quality photo or HD video is as close as the customer will get to your product or service before actually purchasing it. The suggestive power of a professional, well-composed photograph or video is far stronger than that of a quick picture snapped on a smartphone, which is why it's important to make every image count. It's the difference between that picture of Half Dome your great aunt Margaret sent you and the Ansel Adams portrait hanging in the gallery.

At Studio 88, we know that as much as you're enjoying this text, you're unlikely to hire us until you've seen the examples of our work (which you can find here). We'll make every picture of your product look like a piece of art worthy of hanging in a gallery.



Consumers are exposed to advertisments so constantly--before YouTube videos, in their Twitter feeds, on the sides of buses--that they've conditioned themselves to ignore them. For that reason, the content you produce to market your product must be as informative as it is engaging, as edgy as it is efficient. People don't simply want to buy products anymore; they want to interact with them. 

Studio 88 is ready and willing to draft intelligent, creative content for your company, but we also recognize that nobody knows your business as well as you. In that case, send us what you've got on paper, and we will help you make it look and sound crisp, clean, and concise. We'll make your voice sound as powerful as your brand on everything from presentations to press releases. Looking for a job? We'll even help you clean up your résumé. 


In an increasingly digital economy, customers have fewer opportunities to interact with tangible materials. For that reason, it is more important than ever for your print media to be eye-catching, innovative, and produced at the highest quality available. Your customers want to feel like they are holding something of value. We also own a clothing line named Lucky Rabbit Supply Co. Here you can see more examples of our print work.  

At Studio 88, we design eye-popping prints that look and feel expensive without costing you an arm and a leg. Whether you're in the market for a sturdy business card, a large-scale banner, or custom t-shirts for your company event, Studio 88 has you covered.

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